Everybody wants something. Everybody has a right to want something. One wants power, other wants to be recognized as being the best in some field, other just wants to be noticed… I just need a great love story in my life. To love someone like crazy and to have him missing me, to have him needing me, to know there is someone who would kill just to know I’m safe. Someone to live for me. Someone to enjoy my being alive just for him. I don’t want to be loved by the whole world. I just need to be loved by one person.

 Do you have any idea how much it hurts to have the feeling that you finally found him, and he just needed to have sex with you? To have the feeling you finally found the seed of the legend of your life and he proved to be just a sex freak?! How can a human – who looks quite intelligent – feel satisfied just to know he had sex with a woman ? How can a human be so low? I mean how many times do a human need to have sex until he figures out how boring animal sex is, and how illuminating is to make love like an intelligent human.

 I am not tired of the stupidity around, of the lack of visionarism, the lack of faith in God… I am just tired to see how short minded  humans have become. No one seem  to be worthy of a great love story.   

 Do they know that not having such a “boring “ aspiration makes them dead?