When someone close got infected with Covid 19

One thing is clear: it can happen to anyone. If it didn’t happen to you today, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you tomorrow. But the way you react when someone close to you gets infected with Covid 19 says it all about your character.

It doesn’t matter how he got infected, it doesn’t matter if he protected himself or not, if he washed his hands or not, if he wore a mask or not (you can‘t trust these masks to do their job, I don’t think they protect at all) It matters that he warned that he has become infected and that it is important to get tested so that you knew what to do next. Very nice of the person if he warned you. The question is how do you relate to this person after he has informed you that he was infected and it would not be bad for yo to get tested and check if you are infected.

What are you doing in this case? Do you start and blame the infected person for having got sick ?! You make a whole scandal, reproaching her for not being careful, fearing out loud that now your whole family might have been infected, etc. ?! You have no way of knowing where he got it from, how he got it, etc. But I think it’s important to help this person as much as you can. Because this can be a test for you. If you don’t relate correctly, if you don’t say a good word to her/him, if you don’t help her/him with everything you can, even with food, pills, fruits, vitamins – and you take them to the door so you don’t come in contact with her/him – then you should to think a little more if you think of yourself being a valuable person.

I talked to an infected person and she told me how disappointed she was by a certain person for whom she had some admiration but who related very disappointingly to her. Not a good word, an encouragement, what I can do to help you with, etc. I told the infected person that this was the best opportunity to see the true quality of the people she was dealing with. She told me that she had unpleasant surprises but also very pleasant surprises. In the sense that people she was very upset with immediately jumped to help her and left her a bag full of everything, medicines, teas, even ready-made soup. This is how you find out what people are actually made of.

You don’t have to be upset and speak ill of those who don’t help you if you get infected. Draw their attention that it is not ok what they do, that it is not known if this is not a test and that just as they treat those who need help, the same way they will be treated  when they need help. It doesn’t have to be about Covid19. But to simply need help and, instead of help, to receive reproaches that you were careless and ended up in such a situation. Everything gets pay back. You don’t have to be radical and slam the door on those who don’t help you. It is good to have a good word for everyone. But in the future you will know what kind of people they really are. You will know their true quality. The question is what will you do when they ask you for help.

I think you will help them if you think of yourself as a valuable person. Not out of respect for them and the way they reacted when you needed help. You will help them out of respect for yourself.

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