Healing a broken heart

A friend of mine asked me for help. She was heart broken because she had no news from the one she loved, the man she thought was in love with her and with whom she  decided to unite her destiny . He hadn’t called her for two days. And she couldn’t call him because … his phone was closed.  She couldn’t help crying and crying … and I had no idea what to tell her to improve her state of mind. I told her to pray.( and not just to say something, to me the prayers really worked ,I really felt better afterwords). Unfortunantly I could tell that this wouldn’t work  for her as well. She gave herself to him. She chose the sin. She stepped down from the position of the unconquered lady –  and after a while …the boy moved on.

  That’s what usually  happens: if you choose to sin, you loose your image, you loose your crown, you… just loose. And the man you fell in love with treats you like a common woman. An easy won trophy. A no more interesting body to have sex with. Another woman will earn his interest. And like an unbelievable coward he will shut off his phone while he has sex with this another incredibly sexy woman. He will feel guily, but he won’t say no to this incredible hot  woman.

No matter how hot a woman thinks she is, there will always be a hotter one who will take her place in her lover’s heart after having sex with him. Always.

 How can you make that broken hearted woman feel better? It was her choice after all. She was not ready for the consequences of getting into his sex life. She had no idea that he, the one who used to worship her, now  closed his phone and just forgets about her. He was supposed to come to Bucharest. They were supposed to think about their future together. And now he just keeps his phone closed. And she feels so hurt that she just can’t breathe. Even breathing itself hurts her. And I knew exactly what was she talking about. I had been there. And I had no idea how I found the strength to move on.

 I talked to her on Messenger for hours, and I did my best to be realistic, to make her think straight, to make her strong and give her the power of thinking. But she was bleeding. No matter how hard I tried to make her see the real picture of it , she was an opened cut. And each time I thought I made her smile and feel better, she was just  giving me that crying face …

It felt like I was acting in a  bad movie. Or a  comedy! I could see myself turning from a kind hearted woman, to an animal.I simply started to hate her! I really hated her that moment! What the hell does she actually want from me, to start crying myself?! To pity her?! I hated myself for not being able to make her feel better but I also hated HER , she wasn’t able to become strong and  slowly and painfully  was making me weak . I could feel that my own wounds were opening. My own heart started bleeding. I had no problem with myself until that moment , and now that broken hearted woman  didn’t only fail in learning something from what I told her, but succeeded to transfer her pain to me. And not just her own pain, all the pain in the world seemed to came back to me. And all the hate in the world made me feel like a revenging monster.

 But I was too tired to let the feeling grow inside me. Instead of fighting the feeling , I gave up and just … cried. Like I refused to do for a long time. And then I fell on my knees and prayed for her. It was the least I could do for her because I knew she will never have the strength to really pray. Not these days anyway. She will just want to make him come back to her and have sex again. She was obviously in a sevraje. She doesn’t understand , she won’t believe that lightning had stroke him and he doesn’t want her anymore. Another woman took her crown. Not an angel like her. A hot sexy one who will NOT  just offer herself to him, but who will enslave him of her incredible hot body.

 Oh, I wish I was wrong, believe me. I hope I am wrong and he just had some accident and will call her eventually. I just strongly doubt…

Or maybe I am  simply not good in giving a good advise to a woman who can live with a man this way. What could you tell this woman to make her feel better?  (English or Romanian)