Friday I went to visit Angela Baciu – writer, member of the Union of the Romanian Writers , a very good  friend of mine at her office in the House of Culture in Galati. And as we were talking like old friends, her boss came in and told her to be prepared as someone who was  interested in folk music will call her and talk about a future project. And she has indeed received a phone call later and she asked me to come back the other day at her office again – since we were to meet a very important person about a music project.

 So I went to her office again the other day – all by myself ,without my guitar.  I wasn’t so thrilled about what was about to happen because I had the feeling that whoever I was to meet was probably  intrested in folklore . I had this feeling that I was to  waste my time again like so many times before with something that didn’t concern something interesting for me. But since my friend Angela asked me, I went there – and if the person wanted to know how I sounded, we’d just go online to my website www.mariamagdalena.ro  and listen to whatever he wanted. My website was finished recently and I had all my music there, I just had to give that person the link to it and the problem was fixed.

 And there he was, him and another young man. He introduced himself : Shephane  (Crasneanski I learned later)  representing his website www.soundwalk.com – and his project was to make a material with music and lyrics recorded along the Black Sea Coast. He needed just the voice and the guitar … and some songs about Danube. I was “closed”. I have so many love songs , but none with the Danube. I told him about my website, I told him he could just go online and look for something he needs – but he said it would be so much more valuable to him if he recorded my just voice and guitar.

 So, there I was, going back home on a hot summer day – practically I ran home not to keep him waiting. In the meantime, he recorded Angela reciting poems about water, about the Sea… Then he recorded me singing “Descantec de ploaie” – I translated it as “Magic rain” and another Romanian Balad – Mocirita cu trifoi – but none of them contained anything about a sea or a river.

 Then I went back home and realized what practically happened. I’ve seen the website, I could see it was all extremely real and I had a great opportunity to meet a great man. Not mentioning he was extremely handsome as well 😀 .

Singing "Descantec de ploaie" for a Soundwalk project
Maria Magdalena Danaila singing for Stephan Crasneanski

Stephane, it was such an honour to meet you!